Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: Humble Bumble by Darren Lurie and Hillary Griffin

by Darren Lurie
Illustrated by Hillary Griffin
Silly Monkey Productions
Picture Book
ages 3+
30 pages

Humble Bumble is a 'worker bee', but she is much smaller then her sisters Grumble and Mumble. Discover how this tiny bee saves the day.


This is a cute book about one of the sweetest creatures alive--honey bees. And Humble Bumble is the kind of insect which captures attention in the best of ways.

The names alone are worth a smile: Humble Bumble and her sisters, Grumble and Mumble. These names aren't grabbed out of the blue, but illustrate a bit of the characters' attitudes as well. Humble Bumble tries her best to live with her grumpy sisters, but there's an entire bee society involved as well. There's a definite message, and it's wrapped up in an irresistible story with characters to fall in love with.

The illustrations are lovely. The bee world has enough similarities with the 'people' world that kids will have no problem recognizing and sympathizing with the scenes. There are many interesting details added in with a slight twist of humor, bringing the story to life.

The moment this book came through my door, my kids snatched it up and read it over and over again. Which means that I can't help but recommend it to kids ages 3+.

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