Monday, December 7, 2015

Review:The Rabbit Ate My Flip-Flops by Rachel Cole

The Rabbit Ate My Homework Book 2
by Rachel Elizabeth Cole
Tangled Oak Press
Middle Grade Contemporary
ages 8+
254 pages

You can’t bring a rabbit camping. That’s what eleven-year-old Drew Montgomery’s grandparents say when his annoying little sister wants to bring their pet rabbit, Tiny, along on the trip. And Drew agrees. It's bad enough that he will miss the release of the coolest video game of the year while he's stuck in a cramped travel trailer for a week with his grandparents and sister. But Tiny is certain to cause trouble. Plus there are bears and eagles in the woods. And what if Tiny gets lost?

But Libby smuggles the rabbit into the trailer anyway. Now Drew’s got to keep Tiny out of trouble. And that’s not easy to do with Libby always letting him out of the cage and a pair of rabbit-hating bullies ready to let their dog chomp him if he gets too close.

Top it off with never-ending rain, bloodthirsty mosquitos, a broken toilet, stinky outhouses, angry squirrels, terrible food, and an eye-gougingly boring “schedule of activities.” Drew is about ready to take the rabbit and hitchhike home before disaster really strikes.


This is a cute sequel to book one (which was also adorable!)

Drew has learned his lesson from book one, and now, is completely honest with his grandparents. When his little sister, Libby, secretly sneaks the rabbit Tiny along on their camping trip, he reveals all. But that doesn't keep the adventures away.

Firstly, I loved that Drew was honest. So often, the plot starts with dishonesty, and it was fun to see that things can get out of hand even when one tries their best not to let them. The dynamic between Drew and his sister, their grandparents, and especially the grandparents with the rabbit was simply fun to follow. It's funny to watch them deal with the situations, try to work things out, and sometimes simply make mistakes.

The humor in this story kept me smiling the whole way through. There's never a dull moment as they try to deal with the rabbit. . .or the rabbit with them. And there are plenty of surprises, so don't think that a rabbit on the campground is destined to be boring or even predictable because a vacation with Tiny is all but any of these things.

For those who are curious about rabbits, there is also a lot of information in here (buried in the story) on the care of bunnies as well as how they might react to things.

Summed up, this is a cute read for kids ages 8+ which will give them many reasons to laugh, and hopefully, not encourage them to sneak their own pet along on the next family trip.

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