Thursday, January 11, 2024

Today's read... I Dare You To Be Honest by Ashley Oliver

Today's read heads in a more serious direction and hits the theme of honesty. It was the 'dare' title which caught my attention...sometimes, it's just the little things which win over. It is for the younger end of the reading audience and I'm curious how it will handle the topic. So, off we go!

by Ashley Oliver
Illustrated by Ashley M Pancho
A. Oliver Publishing
Children's Nonfiction
34 pages
ages 4 to 8

How critical is it to formulate great character building in our children and to begin this attribute at the elementary level? I Dare You To Be Honest is one of Ashley Oliver's (SEL) Social & Emotional Learning books that helps in learning and developing important values such as telling the truth. Honesty means we are not only truthful in what we say but in our actions as well. I Dare You To Be Honest will depict to your young one, several relatable thought-provoking scenarios that show variations of how to be honest. The Teacher's Corner provided at the end of the book is a guide that will help you teach your children how to become trustworthy. I Dare You To Be Honest.

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Very familiar situations explore the true meaning behind the word 'honesty' and invite readers to discussion and thought.

This read is well suited for the younger end of the intended audience level. With bright illustrations, very familiar scenes, and clear text, the theme surrounding 'honesty 'is explored in a broad manner. I say 'broad' because while this starts with something as simple as an obvious lie, it covers several other types of honesty. White lies, hiding the truth to protect a friend, or even taking the blame for someone else's actions/mistakes are also touched upon in these pages. The situations are ones readers of the age group can identify with and understand (and see in their own lives). But what I especially appreciated was the lack of immediate judgement on the situations. Instead, readers are lead to consider and think about each situation to decide if it's honest or not.

This book makes a nice, short read-aloud for groups or in more personal situations. While it is only 34 pages long, only a bit more than half is directed toward young readers. The rest includes notes, hints and explanations for caretakers to assist  them in leading discussions and broadening the theme in other ways. The entire thing is written in an interesting manner, which doesn't preach but tries to gently lead.

It's nicely done and is especially helpful for teachers, group leaders, or other individuals who would like to address the topic with their own young readers.

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