Thursday, January 18, 2024

Today's read... A Coop, Some Goop, and a Sandwich by Mark David Smith

I saw the cover on today's read and had to pick it up. It looks crazy, and with that title it has to be quite the adventure. I'm expecting humorous situation, sticky moments, and laughs galore. Ready to see if this is as wild a ride as it appears it might be?

The Weird Sisters, Book 3
by Mark David Smith
Illustrated by Kari Rust
Chapter Book
ages 6 to 9

APRIL 16th!!!

Three sleuthing sisters become aware of how their spells affect others in book three of this hilarious magical mystery series
It’s autumn, and Covenly residents are gathering at the annual fall fair. 

The three Weird Sisters—Hildegurp, Glubbifer, and Yuckmina—are running a Flying Broom ride for the town’s kids and nine-year-old Jessica Nibley is overseeing the petting zoo nearby. Suddenly, a prized show chicken goes missing and there’s a new mystery to solve. Suspecting  fowl  play, the four friends team up to find the hapless hen in a madcap hunt that involves an enchanted roller coaster, a frog in a top hat, and a sticky trail of goo. As they sleuth, the sisters also discover some unfortunate and unintended consequences of their magic, bringing about a gentle lesson in apologizing. 

The third book in this whimsical chapter book mystery series is full of clever wordplay, humorous misunderstandings, and dynamic illustrations. With hints and phrases from Hamlet, readers are reminded that actions have consequences that can’t always be undone.


Quirky adventure, silly magic, and ridiculously clever word play make this into a read packed with fun and twists which lead in the most unexpected directions.

The three Weird Sisters are having a blast offering a Flying Broom ride at the annual town fair. Of course, they hide their magic abilities as best they can, except from their best friend, Jessica, who is running a petting zoo next to them. When one of the girl's chickens goes missing, the sisters are ready to help out, especially since something strange is going on. But what might prove the most difficult problem of all is the lasting and unexpected results of the spells the sisters have cast in the past.

I did not read the other books in the series before diving into this one, and while it wasn't too hard to get into the story, it would be better to start this series at the beginning, since it weaves in aspects from the earlier adventures. Still, it was a fun read and easy to get caught up in the silly excitement. 

The three sisters carry very distinct personalities and are quite the funny group. They handle and see life in an unique way, and when mixed with magic, chaos and humorous situations are guaranteed. I was surprised to see that there are quite a few other characters, who get their chance to be in the spotlight. The chapters rotate from one characters' perspective to the next, making subplots twist and turn in a spaghetti like knot until, somehow, it all weaves together in a perfectly understandable way...odd and funny, but it works. There are characters to like, others not so much, and some who fall somewhere in between. It's a rich mish-mash which molds into a ridiculous fun.

Then, there is the word play. The sisters' dialogue is quite the clever twist and turn, at times, and fiddles and faddles in delightful ways. At first, I was wondering at the word use, since some of the terms are going to stretch chapter book readers' abilities, but that's exactly the point. The same words are poked, kneaded and teased, not only into pure silliness, but they worm their ways into the readers' minds. The font is large, making easier reading, and fitting illustrations slide in abundantly to add to the scenes.

This is a quirky read, and that's exactly how it needs to be. Chapter book readers, who are enjoy magic with the feel of riddling fun, will find more than a few laughs and silliness...and heart...along the way.

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