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Happy New Year and What's Coming This Month?

For all of you who didn't stop by for yesterday's post, here's wishing you a blessed year!!!


While December held more than a few picture books, this month will swing toward a balance between the audience age levels. I can't say I found a true theme for this month, since it appears there's a pretty even spread of genres in my pile: mystery, thriller, nonfiction, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, graphic novels, humor and...romance? Hmmm...I don't see much romance. But that's fine. February is right around the corner, and I'm sure I'll have some work their way in then.

Let's just get down to business and take a sneak peek at several reads I have on the schedule. I'll admit that I am excited to dive into more than a few of these.


I am so excited to start the New Year with this read. It happens to be the second book to one of my favorites of 2023 (I'll let you try to figure out which one since it isn't hard). The cover has so many adventurous aspects, and it promises mystery as well as history. I really hope this one grabs. It dives into Stockholm during the 1880s and deals with a row of thefts, mixing with friendship with high-stakes. The English translation hits the shelves in March, but I'm revealing my thoughts on the 2nd.

Middle Grade Historical Mystery


I was back and forth on picking up this one, but finally, gave in. It should hit more serious themes as it centers around a girl, who was kidnapped by her father and lived in hiding for years. It promises tons of tension, especially when an odd romance sinks in (I'm not sure if this will be sweet or add to the thriller, though). We'll see what direction this one goes on the 5th.

Young Adult Thriller 


I'm always on the look-out for original, fun reads in the nonfiction category, and this one appears to be exactly that. By taking a boy and placing him between aliens, the book dives into basic anatomy. Various systems of the human body are presented and explained as if doing an alien study. It could be funny but is focused on biology. We'll find out if it's a keeper on the 9th.

Chapter Book Nonfiction


Sometimes, a cute picture book, chucked full of animals and love, is exactly the needed read. This one promises tons of that. It should also teaches a tiny bit about animals (did you know that porcupines have porcupettes?). I'm looking forward to good vibes and a little knowledge on the 11th.

Picture Book


I'm sliding into a more serious direction with this read as it surrounds a girl, who has ridden the darker side of social media and is trying to work things out in the aftermath. It will hit more difficult topics such as suicide, violence, death of loved ones, and more. I do hope that it doesn't move too slow and handles the themes in a well-woven way. We'll find out more on the 14th.

Young Adult Contemporary


When I was contacted about this series, my curiosity was sparked. It's for ages 8 to 12 and introduces figures from history, which are often over-looked in the Western world. As a homeschooling mom, these types of things always catch my eye. It's coming from Britain and promises to pack tons of goodness. We'll find out if it does the job well on the 16th.

Middle Grade Nonfiction


I do love a fun story with tons of adventure, and this one might be exactly the thing I'm looking for. It takes place on Maui (I can't remember the last time that I read a book set on Maui) and involves a mystery surrounding a volcano. Plus, it has a treasure map! Get some siblings rolled into that mix, and I'm betting it will be quite the read. Get ready to discover more about this one with me on the 19th.

Middle Grade Mystery


When I found out that this picture book surrounds a boy's big family, I had to smile. I have no doubt that having a huge family might be 'too much'. And my imagination already has the funniest and oddest situations popping up in my mind. I see this one as possibly bring smiles and holding tons of heart. I'm going to jump into it on the 23rd.

Picture Book 



I'm pretty sure that I'll be feeling the urge for pure fantasy near the end of the month, and this book will be exactly that. It should hold adventure, a world of battles and kingdoms, magic, strong heroines, life threatening situations, and so much more. The cover does have the flair associated with these novels during the last years, which also means I have certain expectations on the quality of the story. We'll see how it does on the 26th.

Young Adult Fantasy


The second I saw that this book features a shrew, I knew I had to take a look at it. This little shrew leads a hectic life and might run into troubles because of that. Plus, this is only the first of three stories in the book. I don't know what the other ones are about yet, but we'll find out (surprises?). It should be great for chapter book readers and more. Find out all about it on the 28th.

Children's Fiction

Of course, my reading pile is sky-high (most readers tend to have too many books). I do try to squeeze in as many as possible each month, and still, never seem to find enough time. Since there are some, which I really, really want to get to (but don't know when), I put them in my special joker category. That means that I'll somehow slip them in during the month when a spot suddenly frees up. Yes, the publishing world is is our postal I always have a day or two to add an extra read.


This one comes from a series, and I'm back to my old habit of diving in somewhere in the middle. I have a feeling (telling by the title and cover) that it's going to be quite the wild ride and chucked full of quirky, ridiculous adventure. Which will be perfect for the colder days and a few laughs. When will I take a look at it? That's the surprise even for me.

Middle Grade Fantasy

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Happy New Year! You've got a good list of books to read. The Queen of Thieves looks really good.