Friday, December 22, 2023

Today's read... The Seed of Faith: A Christmas Miracle by Daniel Patronelli

Only a couple more days until Christmas is here! Today, I'm taking a peek at a read, which addresses the reason behind the season...more or less. This read has gotten tons of praise and won several awards. It's said to embrace the Christmas spirit while packing adventure and Christian goodness as well. I'm ready to snuggle up with it in front of the fireplace and will share my thoughts below.

A Christmas Miracle
by Daniel Petronelli
Illustrated by Emily Pritchett
Walnut Ridge Publishing Company
Middle Grade Religious Fiction
74 pages
ages 6 to 10

It’s Christmas Eve in the small foothill Village of Shiloh. A father retells the miraculous story that no one will ever forget.
A group of young boys lost in a powerful storm
fight to survive on that glorious night.
The incredible chance encounter with a kind stranger, may be their only hope..

This award-winning book chronicles the spiritual journey of these children.
The lessons learned, the gift received and the lives that were changed.

This timeless Christian tale centers on the true meaning of Christmas; helping those less fortunate, love thy neighbor and assures children …and adults, that if we lose our way, face hardship or struggles, that God is always there by our side.


With all sorts of goodness, this is an adventure to enjoy with the entire family during the Holidays.

This read does have a Christian twist (obviously), and it does it while presenting an interesting story along the way. There are more than a few lessons along the way, ones which encourage and guide without growing overly preachy. The characters come across with a lovely naturalness, which invites in and brings a sense of familiarity, while the problems faced do pack just the right amount of tension.

This one is great to snuggle up with and enjoy as a before-bedtime-read and will have readers Winter dreaming as well.

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