Sunday, December 17, 2023

Today's read... Searching for Home by Chantal Bourgonje

Today's read just seemed perfect for a wintery read. Or maybe, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (although I'm well aware that the chances of that are zilch). Still, scenes of snowflakes and dreams of friendship are something I can't turn away. So, let's just take a peek, shall we?

by Chantal Bourgonje
Beaming Books
Picture Books
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

JANUARY 30th!!!

Noa is an excellent finder. But he can't seem to find any friends. Noa the house-sprite likes his home . . . but it doesn't have any friends in it. Determined to change that, Noa sets out on an adventure to find a home with friends. Along the way, he meets Bear, Ferret, and Wolf. Together they face daunting dangers and witness breathtaking beauty, all in search of a new home . . . until they come to realize that maybe the real home is the friendships they made along the way. The timeless message and whimsical art of Searching for Home make this the perfect gift book for folktale enthusiasts and fairy tale lovers. Young readers will resonate with Noa's hunt for true friendship, and might just be inspired to go on an adventure or two of their own. Oftentimes, rich friendships are waiting just around the corner.


The search for friendship leads to unexpected adventures with whimsical moments, which warm despite the cold snow.

Noa is a super finder. He can find almost anything...except for friends. There aren't any of those in his house. So, he heads out to find a new home even though it is cold and snowy outside. When a crisp breeze blows his hat away, Noa's chase leads to his first encounter. 

This is a cute read to cuddle up with, especially during the colder months, since much of it takes place in a wintery landscape. The icy scenes fit well to Noa's lonliness. His desire to have friends will ring familiar with young readers, gaining instant sympathy. While the entire read begins on a sad-ish note, the author immediately adds a dose of whimsical fun to the illustrations. This lighter side continues with each creature Noa meets and makes the journey that much more inviting...especially since it's fun to see who he'll meet next. Plus, there are dangers to face and surprises to keep the tension high. And all of this remains very age appropriate.

Pastels make each scene a wintery dream. The animals are very recognizable and still hold a tad bit of imaginative flair.  Instead of sticking only to full page scenes, the author keeps the pace quick by breaking some up into little short moments. It ends up giving the tale the needed epic journey atmosphere without even the slightest hint at dragging things out. This makes it a great read aloud for even more reluctant listeners.  

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