Friday, March 3, 2023

Today's review... Angelina and the Royal Wedding by Katharine Holabird

I'm afraid I made a teeny-tiny mistake this morning and didn't get my review up with the rest of this post, at first. I noticed that I received more viewers than usual (of course, that happens when I mess up!), which is sad, and I do hope they'll forgive me and return.

Anyway, today's book is a winner...I knew that before I took a peek. After all, Angelina Ballerina is in a class all of her own and is known to make kids smile. This latest edition has some slight changes, which in my opinion, really are well done.

But let's just go ahead and take a look...oh, and this one is already available, too. Plus, I'm pretty sure many libraries carry it as well!

by Katharine Holabird
Illustrated by Helen Craig
Little Simon
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

The classic bestselling Angelina Ballerina picture book about two young bridesmaids trying to make it to the royal wedding in time is back in a beautiful, refreshed hardcover edition!

Angelina and Princess Sophie are going to be bridesmaids at the most important event in all of Mouseland—the royal wedding. But when the big day arrives, Angelina and Sophie are so busy exploring they accidentally get stuck in an old tower in the palace gardens! Will anyone come to their rescue in time for them to get to the wedding?

© 2022 Helen Craig Ltd and Katharine Holabird. The Angelina Ballerina name and character and the dancing Angelina logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited, Katharine Holabird, and Helen Craig.



With the grace and sweetness, Angelina experiences a royal wedding and leaves a sense of joy and warmth.

Angelina is so excited! She received an official invitation to the royal wedding, and her friend, the princess, has asked her to join her in being a bride's maid. Not only is discovering the wonderful dress fun, but Angelina is about to discover all sorts of wonderful things with her friend.

This is a new edition of another tale from the beloved Angelina Ballerina series, and it's just as wonderful as I remember these books to be. I do like the new cover, as the white offers a light and airy atmosphere which fits very well to the wedding scene. Plus, there are shiny, metallic inlays, which add a special and glistening touch. The illustrations inside are exactly as to be expected, which is, of course, a treat to revisit time and again.

Angelina is at her best in this book as her excitement radiates from every page. The reader can be amazed and take in the scenes with her, and feel as if they are discovering the palace and the wonders, too. She's an amazing little mouse, whose attitude is addictive and will have young fans (or soon to be) smiling and wanting to read the book again.

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