Monday, March 6, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, Ending Eleven by Jerri Chisholm!

It's time to celebrate another book birthday, and today's is a little strange in so far that we're also celebrating the end of a trilogy. Why is that strange? Well, this is one of the rare series, which I've actually read from the beginning. The first book came out in 2020, so the author has been on top of things—one book each year.

I am looking forward to diving in and seeing how everything wraps up because this was an exciting series so far.

Eleven Trilogy, #3
by Jerri Chisholm
Entangled Teen
YA Dystopian
400 pages

My name is Eve Hamilton.
Everyone in Compound Eleven thinks I was killed. But they’re dead wrong…

I spent my entire life in Compound Eleven as a fighter. Surviving in an underground city filled with violence, oppression, and tyranny. We were told the world above was scorched, an immediate death sentence. I should have died never knowing the truth. Instead, when I fought Wren—a boy from the top floor, a Preme—I fell for him. And eventually learned that my reality was an insidious lie.

Escaping Compound Eleven nearly killed me and Wren. Now we’re aboveground, where the world is anything but a toxic, burning wasteland. It’s green and lush, filled with sunshine, fresh water… and hope. All of which tastes bitter when I see what it’s cost me. Because something in Wren has changed. He’s broken—along with whatever it was between us.

Now the tides of violence in Compound Eleven are rising, threatening to spill out and shatter this peaceful place with brutality, corruption, and death.

But do I stop them… or join them?

The Eleven trilogy is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Escaping Eleven
Book #2 Unraveling Eleven
Book #3 Ending Eleven



With tons of action, the adventure of Eve and the compound known as Eleven comes to an intriguing end.

Eve and Wren have been living outside, the place which should have been nothing more than scorched earth. Life on the surface is full of wonders and worth everything they've suffered so far. But now, they want to head back and help all of those, who are still suffering, to find their freedom. Not only isn't this an easy task, but the outside world has its own inhabitants and problems. Add Wren's inability to remember almost anything, and Eve is up against more than she's ever been before.

This is a series, which does need to be read in order, since each book builds on the events of the book before it. But no worries, it's an exciting read, which is sure to especially grab dystopian fans.

There's no time for boredom in this last installment as Eve and Wren not only learn about the surface but have a lot of goals and problems to deal with. I think it's almost more than before, and that all packed into one last book. There are many new characters added to the mix, and these aren't neglected on the personality end. It's an interesting new group and offers twists and turns, which keep the plot going. The two worlds also collide, giving a new playing field with new directions, and still, mixing in the old compound and its players. Add Wren and Eve's own issues, and it's a lot to pack in.

Dystopian fans will recognize some 'usual' elements and moments that this genre tends to have, including the general plot direction. This isn't a bad thing, since it doesn't disappoint, and the end does wrap everything up well enough. There were a few things, though, which seemed to get hit quick in the rush, which left some logical thin, but that didn't bother the rest of the story.  

While there is romance, it definitely does not go near the realm of taking over the plot. Rather, Wren is battling massive wounds from the escape. Eve, interestingly enough, doesn't seem to care much, especially considering how attached she was to him before. Her head is on the compound and battle, which is also understandable, since there is so much excitement and tension involved. But it also was a little disappointing to see her shift (a little cold). Still, she is a character to root for and can't really be criticized considering everything she's up against.

This is a nice wrap-up to the series, and if anything, just should have been a little longer to flesh-out some moments, but this is still a fun read. Dystopian fans will want to pick this series up and are sure to enjoy it quite a bit.

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Shannon Lawrence said...

I hadn't heard of this series before, but it sounds good. Thank you for passing the info along!