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Today's read... The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper by S.M. Morgan with Giveaway!

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The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper
by S.M. Morgan
Middle Grade Adventure



My name is Teddy, and I’m in the 6th grade. It’s my first day at a different school, and so far, the only person I know is Zane, the school bully. I was just your everyday kid trying to stay off everyone’s radar, but when I met my new best friend, Bud Wiper, everything changed.

Bud is a 6th grade millionaire from 60 years ago.

Yep, that’s right, Bud Wiper is a treasure hunter from the 1940’s who left behind his journal full of life and adventure, and even though we’ve never met, I think he might be the only thing that gets me through the 6th grade alive.

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper is a fantastic story of bravery and friendship, perfect for kids, middle school students, and adults.
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This is a quick-paced read with tons of adventure, friendship, and humorful moments.

Teddy is off to a new middle school in the middle of the week thanks to his mother's new job. And the first day does go well. When he goes with his mom the next day to a 'spooky' house and discovers a journal, he's more than a little curious. Teddy's life at school just seems to be getting worse by the day thanks to a very difficult bully, but what he discovers in the journal might be enough to help him deal with everything.

Flip-flopping between a fairly, modern day kid, who's dealing with bullies at school, and a boy from the 1940's, who dealt with secrets, lost treasure, and zooming around the world, the author does a great job at keeping the two worlds separate, while weaving enough together to create adventure pure. It's never confusing, packs more than a few surprises, and has a main character, who's easy to root for. The reader will wish they could jump right into the story with Teddy. There's more than a little humor mixed in, and that while keeping a serious undertone to make it hold some heart, too. 

I did like Teddy quite a bit and found him to be a shy kid, who has a very good sense of the world around him. He does the best he can to handle things, but also doesn't want to cause more trouble than necessary. He learns a lot during the run of the tale. I was a little thrown by the idea that Teddy's a 'modern day' kid as some situations felt more historical ex: principals 'paddling' a 6th grader wouldn't fly). But it's a fun read with tons going on and is sure to grab even reluctant adventurers.

S.M. Morgan
And here he is...

S.M. Morgan is the author of The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper — A Middle Grade Adventure. He lives in East Texas with his wife, daughter, and son, and when not writing potty humor for kids, he is trying to get alone to read more mystery adventure stories.

When the real world calls him to be social, he can be found canoeing with his family or trying to convince his wife to watch action movies.


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