Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Serena Tales by Taylor Lukens

by Taylor Lukens
Illustrated by Madison Hope and
Hokulani Buffington
Mascot Books
 40 pages

Serena is the mermaid princess of an underwater palace called Dylana, where she is loved by all the mer-people and sea creatures within the kingdom. One day, while exploring the bottom of the mystical ocean, Serena finds a dazzling, but mysterious crystal of two mer-people who look like they are in love! Join Serena on her adventure to learn more about the figures in this unexpected treasure. Taylor currently lives in North Pole, AK with her family and she would love to share her book at an event in your store!

And here she is...

Taylor Lukens is a wife, mother, and college graduate who loves mermaids and reading. An avid book lover, she decided to write Serena’s Tales to combine her passions. Though she has lived in five states, she has called North Pole, Alaska home for the last decade. When she’s not writing or working towards more schooling, she is spending time with her family, which includes her husband and children. But she is a kid at heart, so she also may be daydreaming about mermaids!

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