Monday, May 27, 2019

Review: Bubble Wrap Girl by Kari Van Wakeren

by Kari Van Wakeren
Illustrated by CA  Nobens
Beaver's Pond Press
Picture Book

Izzy Magee gets bumps and bruises when she does the things she likes--chasing her brother, dancing in the kitchen, and riding her bike. Getting hurt is a hang-up for Izzy, so one day she decides to cover herself in bubble wrap. Her plan works like a charm… until the bubble wrap gets in the way of doing the things she likes. Eventually, Izzy realizes that getting hurt is part of life--and she isn't going to let it get in the way of having fun! 



The nightmare of scrapes and bruises takes a somewhat silly twist and travels down a great lesson.

Izzy loves to play like any other kid, but she hates to get hurt. And it seems like that happens all the time. When she has an entire week of one little bonk and fall after the other, she finally decides to take the problem head on. Her parents cover her bubble wrap for the next seven days. Although she is safe, things might not be as perfect as she'd hoped.

I had to smile when I saw this book, simple because we knew a couple once, who had covered every corner and edge of their apartment in bubble wrap to protect their child. Izzy is a cute, energetic girl who plays like a pro but suffers all of the small accidents that come with an active life. It's easy to understand her frustration as the scrapes and bruises mount. None are fun to experience. The bubble wrap solution comes a bit out of nowhere, but the experiences she has are giggle-worthy...and teach a lesson as well.

The illustrations are sweet and accompany the story with the perfect flow. It's a nice read for kids who are sick of getting hurt.

And here she is...

Kari van Wakeren is a wife, mom, Lutheran pastor, and author of the children’s book, Bubble Wrap Girl, as well as several articles published in Definite Woman and Gather magazines.  Bubble Wrap Girl celebrates resilience and the courage to try new things and was nominated for a 2017 NEMBA award.  Kari enjoys sharing the message that we all have what it takes within us to do hard and great things with audiences of all ages.  She lives in central Minnesota with her family and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Duluth and Luther Seminary.

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Rachel T. T. said...

I learned pretty early that an active life is often accompanied with small accidents. I just accepted that as the way it was. I had to since it was the only way I would be allowed to go outside barefoot all summer and parts of spring and fall (especially with goat-heads and grass burrs.)