Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Review: Sign Off by Stephen Savage

by Stephen Savage
Beach Lane Books
Picture Book / Wordless
56 pages
ages 0 to 8

From award-winning author-illustrator Stephen Savage comes a playful wordless picture book about what the figures on road signs do when no one is around!

What do the figures on signs do when no one is watching? Under cover of night, they leave their signs to play and collaborate in this imaginative story by celebrated author-illustrator Stephen Savage.


So clever! Using every day, basic road signs and mixing them with simple illustrations, this book shows how boundless the imagination can be.

Signs are everywhere and often taken for granted, but Stephen Savage brings them to life...and then some. Young readers will recognize most of the signs and be astounded by what happens when they receive a little life. The colors are basic and yet allow the story to come pop off the page, and the illustrations prove that simplicity can offer the greatest depth.

While, at first, it just seems to be a genius play on familiar signs, a story slowly unfolds.It warms the heart and is sure to bring smiles, not only to young readers' faces but adults as well. After reading this book, signs will never seem boring again.

And here he is...
Stephen Savage is the author and illustrator of nine books for children, including the New York Times bestselling picture book Polar Bear Night, written by Lauren Thompson. He is the creator of the Where's Walrus books, Supertruck, and Little Tug. Steve in the recipient of a New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award, a Sendak Fellowship, an ILA Primary Fiction Award, and a Geisel Honor Award. His editorial illustrations have appeared in dozens of major newspapers and magazines including The New York Time, The Atlantic, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal He teaches at the School of Visual AR]rts in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their daughter.

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