Sunday, March 3, 2019

Review: Jesus Calling for Teens by Sarah Young

50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith
Thomas Nelson
YA Non-Fiction / Religious
125 pages
ages 14 and up

If you're looking to move from knowing about God to having a personal relationship with Him, this is a wonderful devotional for you. Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith brings the warmth and insight that more than 25 million people have enjoyed through Jesus Calling® in devotions curated to help you grow and nourish your faith.
The Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith features 50 topical readings from Jesus Calling® gathered together in a new way and combined with relevant Scripture verses on the topics of faith and spiritual growth.
This book is part of a three-book series for teens, each focusing on a felt need. The other two books in the series focus on themes of thankfulness and dealing with busy days. These books are great for an individual study and make a great set for gift giving.
Readers around the world already love how Sarah's words help them connect with Jesus. Now the new Jesus Calling® topical devotionals offer a way to focus even more deeply on the major felt needs in your life . . . and the lives of your friends, family, church, school, and friends.
With a beautiful, classic cover and affordable price point, these topical devotionals are a natural addition to the Sarah Young brand.


This is one of many books in the Jesus Calling series, and while I haven't yet had the honor of diving into the rest of them, this read made me realize that I'll need to change that.

At fifty devotions, this books carries a wonderful length. Each devotion is relatively short (one or two paragraphs normally) and concentrates right where it wants to go. There's a heading before each one, which informs the reader what the topic will be. The devotions nestle in very closely with a Bible verse, which one is mentioned at the end of the reflection. On the page opposite to the devotion  are gentle screening of leaves in various pastel shades behind a quoted Bible verse which relates to the one in the devotion.

The author makes a note at the beginning of the book in which she explains how each devotion is set up—Jesus speaking to the reader where 'I' is Jesus and 'you' is the reader. She explains that the verses being reflected on are either rephrased or taken directly. While this sounds a little odd at first, it becomes clear from even the very first devotion, that the author has found a way to create a strong way to connect the reader to each verse. The thoughts reflect exactly those which many readers of the intended age group have, the problems they face, and the concerns which trouble them. It's personal without being preachy and offers, above all, a sense of hope, comfort, and not being alone.

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