Sunday, February 10, 2019

Review: Jelly Bean Blessings Illustrated by Maddie Frost

Illustrated by Maddie Frost
Thomas Nelson
Board Book / Religious
20 pages

Jelly Bean Blessings is a cheery seasonal board book that celebrates all springtime blessings! Kids will be drawn to the charming cover and whimsical art, and they'll love the idea of exploring the many reasons we love spring.

From picking flowers to jumping in puddles to eating delicious jelly beans, these activities are a fun way to thank God for the beautiful parts of the season that we get to enjoy together!

With charming art and an adorable cover, Jelly Bean Blessings is the perfect way to celebrate all the wonderful blessings of spring.


The happy tasks and moments Spring brings brighten these pages and bring smiles beaming like rays of sunshine.

The shiny green cover with lively characters already declares the atmosphere of the rest of the book. Each page presents a joyful illustration with simply molded figures, which invite into a colorful world. The positive attitude holds in every aspect and there are enough details spread through-out to make it inviting for young listeners to flip through on their own.

The format is large enough for little hands and robust enough for a few mishaps. Each two pages offers a lovely scene fitting to one Spring activity ranging from hiking to planting seed to Spring cleaning. Never do these tasks come across as work, but rather display the joy that each one can bring and form them into real blessings.

The text rhymes very nicely and keeps a wonderful flow—perfect for reading aloud without any stumbles. There's always a repetitive phrase thrown in, like 'stomp, stomp, stomp', which invites young listeners to join in and have a little fun. The ending rounds off with a short yet meaningful thanks to God. It's cute, sweet and a warm read.

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DMS said...

This sounds very cute. I can see it being a big hit with little kids. :) Thanks for sharing!