Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: Patrick Turns His Play Into Pay

by Patrick & Shani Muhammad
Five Star Publishing
Children's Fiction
40 pages
 ages 4 and up

The first book in a series, "Patrick Turns His Play Into Pay", details the journey of an entrepreneur, through the eyes of a child. The book uses vivid illustrations and lively words, to explain the road little Patrick took into the world of entrepreneurship.  It demonstrates the benefits of tapping into your passion early in life.  “Patrick” tapped into his passion of baking to help solve a money problem.  This book also shows the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.  You witness a 9-year old take the power and control of his future into his own hands. You also see what happens when “Patrick” finds help in a friend, to help grow his business. Above all, this book motivates both young and young at heart and serves as a reminder that we all have the ability to turn our playdays into paydays.



Patrick's grandmother is a fantastic baker, and her talent is just the inspiration he needs to find a way to make his own pay.

Patrick is a great kid with a love for fishing and simple things, but even he could use a little pocket change every now and then. When he sees his grandmother baking, she gives him an idea on how to make a little cash. Soon, he's baking cookies and about to venture into a small business of his own.

This book reminds of lemonade stands, shoveling snow or raking leaves for extra cash but introduces a whole new idea on how small entrepreneurs might earn an extra buck. Patrick is a normal kid, who enjoys life but, as many kids, wouldn't mind having a little extra cash of his own. The authors point readers in a great direction and show how Patrick uses one of his talents to achieve his goal, not that it's necessarily an easy ride. He faces the hard reality of selling, but demonstrates an inspiring amount of determination and striving for dreams. It's the kind of tale which will open kids to new ideas of their own.

The illustrations are done with a personal touch and bring across the story clearly and brightly. The accompanying text is in large print, which makes it nice as a read-aloud as well as for beginner readers. The vocabulary also sits great for the age range and shows the needed spunk at the right times. While the first pages of the book flow along in an easy manner, as the reader goes deeper into the pages, the text takes on more and more of a rhyming character. While this was fun at times, it ended up taking over the entire story until the rhymes tumbled into awkwardness that even my younger readers noticed.

All in all, this book has a great message for kids and helps inspire small business hearts to take a step into finding creative ways to make a few extra dollars on their own. 


“I didn’t have a dime, I only had a clue. Thanks to Madea…I knew just what to do!”

“After reading this book, you’ll find out how I turned my play days into paydays.”

“Just because baking is what you and I do for play, nowhere is it written, that it can’t become your pay.”

And here they are. . .

South Florida based janitor turned serial entrepreneur, Patrick Muhammad took what some would call an unconventional route to his newest venture.  “What I do now has evolved.  It truly took my passion and has turned it into a profession for me. I can see myself mentoring and sharing my story with young people easily for the next 20 years.  I love talking to young people and showing them, what entrepreneurship looks like. I love sharing my stories of how I came to be.  I didn’t just wake up one day and have all the answers.  My wife and I bumped our head A LOT.  I just want to say to them, look…here’s the blueprint.  Start now, don’t wait until you’re 30.  Passion has no age requirement, and has no limit on how many you can have. I started out as a janitor, then became a baker now I am into motivational speaking. They just have to have the passion and guidance. Anything is possible.”

“Patrick Turns His Play Into Pay” is the 1st book in a series of children’s books authored by husband and wife writing partners, Shani and Patrick Muhammad. The idea for the book was created one night while trying to explain the reason there was a gigantic, neon, pink and orange food-truck, now sitting in their front yard to their then 4 year-old Qadeer.   Patrick and his wife came up with the idea that they would write a keepsake item for all their children, detailing the road they took to becoming entrepreneurs.  The primary message is simple. By tapping into your passion early in life you can turn your playdays into paydays.  Once the book was published they both realized that the story could not only inspire their own children to entrepreneurship, but others as well. Shani figured out how to self-publish it and Patrick would take it to different youth groups in his community.   “I began shopping the book around to childcare centers and non-profits that served young people in the projects and the adults loved it.  “They really loved the idea that it was based on a true story and that the message was coming from a black male perspective. A story their children could relate to.  The images were brown like them and I just always got a positive response.  We took that book everywhere with us, and the response was this is a message that’s needed.  Children can’t be what they can’t see.”
Patrick currently lives in South Florida with his wife and three of his youngest five children.  He has a passion for planting the seed of entrepreneurship and carving out wealth building opportunities for his children’s generation. When he’s not writing books he’s on tour, speaking to groups of young people about basic principles of financial literacy and the benefits of early investing using cryptocurrency as a vehicle to establish future financial goals. When he’s not doing that…he’s on a creek with a fishing pole in his hand.

Shani Muhammad has been married to Patrick for 17 years now.  Together they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.   Shani has spent the past 15 years in a classroom as a teacher. She too is a serial entrepreneur and has in the past owned a one-price shoe store, group homes and several online businesses. When she’s not working on the next children’s book in their series, she too enjoys researching and investing in crypto currencies and planning her family’s next “staycation.”



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