Friday, February 2, 2018

Review: Coconut by Jackie Lee

See It Grow
by Jackie Lee
Bearport Publishing
Picture Book Non-Fiction
24 pages
ages 4 and up

A coconut that you buy at the store can be used to make lots of tasty foods. It is big, brown, and hairy. How did it get that way? Beginning readers will discover how a coconut seed turns into a coconut palm that bears lots of new coconuts in clear, simple steps in this basic introduction to plant development.


Coconuts are fun to look at in the store and even better to eat, and this book take a peek at exactly how they grow.

Coconuts aren't a fruit kids necessarily see every day, nor do they look anything like most fruits. After a quick description of the coconut, this book dives into the entire growing process from seed to sprout to tree, and highlights a few interesting tidbits along the way.

My daughter wanted to get her hands on this one. Coconuts are fascinating, and the descriptions in these pages bring the growing process down into a clear way beginner readers (or younger listeners) will understand. The text is simple, very much so, and sticks to only two sentences per a page spread. The vocabulary is basic and direct, making sure the younger readers can learn without becoming frustrated with the words. This covers the basics of the growth of a coconut, following from the seed, the layers inside, what the sprout looks like, the trees and the flowering.

The bright photographs don't only give a real impression of the coconuts, the environment and the trees, but do a great job in making the sprouting process clear.

There's an extra page of more advanced Coconut Facts at the end, a glossary, index and even the website address where kids can learn a little more. But by no means is this an advanced book. The layout is thought for the younger age groups and keeps everything at this level. Readers will have a good understanding of coconuts after this book and will want to try one. . .so beware.

How does a little acorn turn into a giant oak tree? How does a small seed turn into a big, orange pumpkin? Beginning readers will learn in simple steps and through fascinating, informative photos how plants grow from seeds to seedlings to larger plants that produce flowers and fruit. Children will also discover what plants need to grow. With just the right amount of detail, this series is a perfect introduction to plant development. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple, clear sentences. A fresh, colorful design and eye-catching photos closely align with the descriptive text. These beautiful, informative books are sure to surprise and delight young readers.

There are six titles in this series: Apple, Sunflower, Cranberry, Coconut, Pumpkin, and Oak Tree

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