Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Martha the Blue Sheep by Gabrielle Yetter

by Gabrielle Yetter
Illustrated by Daro Sam
Designed by Monnyreak Ket
Picture Book 
ages 4+
48 pages

When an accident made Martha's coat blue, her world turned upside down. She was no longer like the rest of the flock. She stood out and she didn't like it. She wanted to fit in.
But a series of surprising events and the help of an unexpected friend showed Martha that being different could be a blessing, not a curse.

Martha, The Blue Sheep is a story about acceptance, tolerance and diversity. It's a charming story to inspire children not to be just one of the flock, but to celebrate being an individual who brings richness and colour to the world.


This is a book, which is as delightful as it sounds and offers wonderful warm fuzzy feelings that definitely don't leave the reader feeling blue.

Martha is a sheep but thanks to a little accident, she's now blue. This is a catastrophe! All of the other sheep stare at her, laugh at her, and make it clear that she'll never fit in with the rest of the flock again.

Martha is one cute sheep, and her predicament is one that even young listeners will have no trouble sympathizing with. Although Martha's carelessness will make kids smile, they'll have no trouble understanding the trouble it causes her and cheer for her when things finally turn around. The text flows smoothly with a vocabulary fitting for young readers. And every page pulls in, leaving the listener/reader wanting to know what will happen next. The end holds a lovely message kids can never hear enough of and leaves a nice feeling of warmth and security.

The most lovely aspect about Martha is her beautiful shade of blue. She is a shiny point in each and every bright illustration, and immediately draws attention on every page. Kids will enjoy flipping through time and again as they follow her adventure because even without the text, the pictures form the fun story all on their own. This makes for a perfect 'read' for younger listeners, who want to explore the tale even when someone isn't there to read it aloud.

And here she is. . .

Gabrielle Yetter is a British author and former journalist. She and her husband lived in Cambodia for four years (where she met artists, Daro and Monnyreak) and since 2013 have been house-sitting, writing, travelling and pet-sitting.

Gabrielle’s other books include Ogden, The Fish Who Couldn’t Swim Straight, The Sweet Taste of Cambodia, The Definitive Guide to Moving to Southeast Asia: Cambodia and Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure (co-authored with her husband, Skip).

She and Skip write a blog at www.TheMeanderthals.com and her writing portfolio can be seen at http://www.gabrielleyetter.com/

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