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Review: Supremacy by Christin Lee

The Supremacy Series, Book One
by Christin Lee
YA Paranormal
318 pages

Kate Parker, is a 17 year old senior living in Texas. She's on the swim team, has two incredible best friends, and a passion for saving animals. She falls hard when she meets a mysterious and fascinating guy named Lucas. He has a sexy accent and a killer smile. However, she sees unexplained pain and anger in his dark brown eyes. He claims he’s a foreign exchange student from Spain who is attending the local University—Kate knows there’s more to his story than that. She works hard to discover who he is—what he is.


This story takes a slightly new twist, while adding layers as the pages turn.

Kate's interests don't fit the normal teenage girl scope, but rather she would love to spend her life rescuing animals, something her loving family and supportive friends allow her to indulge in. When she tries to help a stray dog, she instead ends up helping an intriguing guy fix his motorcycle. Suddenly, her interests widen and she can't get him off of her mind. But there's a lot more to the handsome stranger than meets the eye.

Kate is the kind of character who could live next door. She's sweet, tends to be a bit compulsive and has a pretty positive attitude. Her friends and family set up a great support group--in other words, this girl doesn't carry a lot of baggage.

Lucas, the maybe hero (because this story is full of twists and turns), starts out as most ideal guys do, but his character quickly gains super sharp edges and corners that poke with pain. His 'dark' side and Kate's reactions made me cringe a couple of times, and as the story progresses, it's questionable whether or not he's someone to cheer for. When his true background slowly comes to light, it does explain things, but he's still an unsure guess the whole way through. But then, he's only one of several 'rugged' characters, who swing between a like/dislike personality. This doesn't mean the characters are detached. Rather, it's exactly this uncertainty and the chance for redemption, which really sink in the hook for the next books in the series.

The plot is sometimes faster paced than others, but never has a dull moment. The author takes the time to dig into the characters and their relationships before the more fantastical elements really gain speed. Layers and complications keep mounting unexpectedly as new twists and turns often change the outlook on the situation and characters completely. There were several logic and plot holes sprinkled in the pages, and some unexpected twists hit with raised eyebrow, but the plot is interesting and grabbing enough to make these hiccups easy to forgive.

I had mixed feelings while reading this. Sometimes the writing weakened and new moments didn't hit right. The characters' reactions at some moments seemed appropriate or even questionable. But not once did I want to put the book down. Despite the little bumps, I was hooked. The characters grabbed and I constantly found myself wanting to know what would happen next. The biggest disappointment  came when I reached the last page because now, I have to wait for book two to see where this entire thing takes Kate and Lucas next.

All about Christin Lee!!!

Christin Lee lives in beautiful Northern California. She attends college, is addicted to coffee, and loves friends with fur and four legs, and anything that’s Butterfinger! SUPREMACY, the first book in her YA series, is her debut novel.

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