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Excerpt: Something Eternal by Joel T. McGrath with Giveaway

Something Eternal

By: Joel T. McGrath

Releasing to Kindle Scout competition. . .
 July 1 -31, 2016

Life without love is fire without flame....

In our time, wonder has disappeared. Most believe in what is seen, others in what is heard, yet a few know something eternal guides them.

When Vincent steals his older brother’s girl, Noemi, someone is going to die. Three lives, once ascending to greatness, are pitched into chaos. Jak, after months of searching, finds his younger brother, Vincent, while Noemi faces certain death. On one hand, Vincent can save her, yet others will die for their love.

Hearts prided on rational choices waver. Logic conflicts with reality, and emotion, not reason, decides the future.

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Words from the author. . .

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Sweating heavily, Vincent threw the blankets off his bed. The room was dark, yet emitted sunny splices of midday heat. Beams of light shot through his blackout curtains. The temperature in the tiny, empty room rose with each passing minute. His eyes shifted back and forth beneath closed lids. He was dreaming, but not just dreaming, something eternal was guiding his dreams, feeding him purposeful, random memories of recent days.
Vincent’s eyes shifted rapidly from side to side.
Random words and pictures of his brother, Jak, his girlfriend, Noemi, and his master, Malum, sped through his mind in echoes along with his own confused thoughts and feelings. Most of all, he dreamt about that terrible night not long ago in the New York City subway station. His bitter memories and sweet dreams merged, returning nightmares upon his unconscious soul.
Vincent dreamt about the golden wheat fields. He was hand in hand with Noemi. She smiled with a sort of playful lust. He grabbed her hips and kissed her inviting lips like a man that wanted something more. He held her by the waist, but she disappeared from his hands. Falling droplets of cold rain descended from a sea of dark clouds. An ominous sky choked out the last remnants of the sun’s glimmering rays, and thunder rolled in on him.
Vincent was suddenly in a foggy haze by himself. Words and pictures floated around on all sides, but none stayed very long.
“I love you more than anything, Noemi.”
“Have you ever wanted something so badly, but no matter what, you couldn’t have it?”
“I’m the one that loved you like no one else ever could.”
“Vincent, help me!”
Suddenly, Vincent found himself in a black room and then in an abandoned subway station. The dream broke from memory for a moment, and whispers cluttered, fading low and loud in a never-ending circle.
“Noemi’s filling your head with lies.”
“She loves me. I bet that just kills you, doesn’t it, bro?”
“Stop being an arrogant little prick.”
“Don’t forget, little brother, I win. I always win!”
“Stop calling me little brother!”
“You are a lost soul in a lost world.”
“I’m not obsessed. The Shroud, the knights, they’re all lying to us.”
“You’re selfish.”
“Don’t go back. Malum will kill you!”
“I’m sick of your empty promises.”
“Malum’s too powerful.”
“I’m risking my life to be with you.”
“I certainly don’t need a man to save me, never mind a boy.”
“What other stuff are you hiding from me?”
“You’ve changed. Jak never treated me like this.”
“Well, I’m sorry I’m not him!”
“I bet you really did kill Jak.”
Vincent’s heart raced. He tossed and turned. His arms and legs kicked and punched the empty bed. He kept dreaming. Some things were clear while others remained jumbled
Out of their proper place and time, random memories mixed with images and insights not previously known by Vincent. It was dark, and then broken lights hummed and blinked on and off inside a deserted subway station. Vincent knew the script, yet was powerless to effect change. He knew what was coming, but he could not stop himself or warn Jak. He was trapped in a memory so real, it was haunting the conscious portion of his unconscious mind.
Vincent, sitting, held his skateboard and looked straight ahead. “Are you still mad about us?”
Jak, in a trench coat and sunglasses, at first, refused to answer. He clenched his teeth and glared sideways at his younger brother, yet took a deep breath as he put his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “It is true. I loved her once, as she loved me. However, Noemi’s heart grew cold with deceit. Her treachery became daggers to my soul. This thing she offers you, it is a lie.”
Memories of angry, emotional banter ensued. Vincent’s dreams turned ever more distressing. He felt an upsurge of hate and rage while he slept. Pictures flashed and words shot back and forth between the brothers.
“You’re mad because we’re together now, and that’s eating you up. I can feel it.” Vincent reacted to benign comments with hasty perceptions.
Jak struggled to remain calm. “You don’t actually think you mean anything to Noemi, do you? I was always her first choice you know. She had a crush on you, little brother, but she loved me.”
“That’s a lie!”

“No, Vincent. The Shroud’s evil deceits have twisted your mind. But you are not beyond redemption. You need to be noble and have faith as you were taught by the knighthood.” 

And here he is. . .

Joel T. McGrath is a proud member of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project. He is a four-time top 20% choice for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award with four different manuscripts. He has sold foreign rights to his first novel through a literary agent in Turkey. Joel is currently working with a Disney illustrator on a graphic novel and hopes to release portions of the work in summer 2017.

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