Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: Tongue Twisters for Girls by Honeysuckle Hale

by Honeysuckle Hale
Illustrated by Alice Jorge
Children Non-Fiction
ages 4+

Say this the fastest! - “Willow wound the winding windmill real well.” 
Can your brain handle the twisty, turvy – swirly, twirly and more flubberty jumbling of your tongue? 
Join a porcupine, fairies and a cartwheeling kitten on this tongue twistering reading adventure! 

Tongue twisters are a fun and independently gratifying reading tool for children to learn word structure, word sound and word retention through repetition. 
Madeline-esque illustrations accompany young readers as they go through oh-so-fanciful phrases, whimsical sentences and rhythmic jaunts for hours of giggling stand-alone fun!


This is a fun book which will get the tongue nimble and ready for the most difficult mouth twisting situations.

If you're looking for traditional tongue twisters, this will not be the book for you. Rather, the author has stretched imagination to combine fun words into silly sentences which will leave the tongue tingling for more. And giggles are guaranteed. The text is simple enough and written large for beginning readers as well as a read aloud. Although the set-up is for younger audiences, ages 3+, I'm betting even slightly older ones will get a kick out of spilling out the sentences.

To match each rhyme is a cute illustration full of girl power prettiness. They alone will keep young readers flipping through the pages, and aide with the understanding (and silliness) of each rhyme.

Summed up: This is a fun book kids will enjoy and spread to their friends to see who can get through the tongue twisters better. It offers them a fun activity, will grab their interest for days or longer and is simply a lot of fun.

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