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Review: Dream Walker's Destiny by Michelle Murray with Giveaway

Land of Mystica Series, Volume 3
by Michelle Murray
YA Fantasy
172 pages

The last dark wizard Spyder has been freed from his stone prison. His one quest is to find the last white wizard's stone. Sypder recruits the pirates from Dead Man's Island to help him. With the magic out of balance on Msytica, the land starts to rumble and shake. Tremors are felt throughout the land. Miranda is called back to set things right. Miranda and her companions travel to the Lost Islands to find the same stone. The Pirates are not far behind. It is a race to see who will find Polaris first. Miranda needs to bring both wizards safely back to Mystica before the Red Mountain spews its lava. Danger awaits her at every turn. The fate of Mystica rests in Miranda and her dreams.


This is the third book in the Land of Mystica Series, and although it's not too difficult to get into the story, I still wouldn't recommend it as a stand alone.

Miranda has grown from when we first meet her in book one and has gained a good handle on her abilities and what it means to be a Dream Walker. Still, there are lessons to be learned and hurdles to over come. She's an easy character to follow and her actions usually are understandable and make sense.

This book takes a lovely pirate twist, introducing the background of the cold sea and all of its dangers. Several new characters are introduced, each with their own addition of layers to the story. Miranda gains friends, meets horrible enemies and must face some heart jerking losses.

The plot moves along at a constant pace, never lagging. The story telling feeling found in the first two books continues here, keeping the same format. Told in third person and with the traditional tale telling flair, details and depth are skimmed over letting the concentration remain on the main plot.

There are unexpected twists and turns, and moments where its impossible to know if everything will work out. Its an easy and short read with a satisfying ending which ties up most ends nicely.

The writing and length is great for reluctant readers, and I'd recommend this to the younger end of the YA spectrum.

And here she is. . .

Michelle is a married working mother of two fine young men (her children). She lives in Wisconsin. When not writing, she enjoys reading especially science fiction/fantasy and classics.
Her favorite authors include Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss, and Colleen Houck. 
She also enjoys doing painting and crafts, and spending time with her family. She enjoys going for walks, and swimming. She has been known to jump in Lake Michigan with no life jacket!

She has been writing since high school. Michelle took a break from writing to concentrate on raising her children. 

She has an app on her IPad that gives her a word of the day and poem of the day.

Twitter Tweet: @#thedreamwalkerseries
Facebook page:

Here are the first two books in the series!!!

Land of Mystica Series, Volume 1
by Michelle Murray
YA Fantasy
118 pages

Miranda is having vivid dreams of a world she's never been to. A world full of castles, Forests, Ice Caves, and Dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see about these dreams, and discovers she is a Dream Walker. She has been called to save this mystical, magical world. On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released. Midnight is gathering an army, and preparing for war. Miranda needs to find and release the white wizard Lightning from his stone prison to save Mystica. Follow Miranda as she travels through Mystica. Can she find and release Lightning and save Mystica?



Land of Mystica Series, Volume 2
by Michelle Murray
YA Fantasy
90 pages

The Darkness has waited a long time to return to Mystica. Now, with the help of the wizard Shadow it has found a way back into the land. It will stop at nothing and no one to darken all of Mystica. Miranda is called to Mystica to help fight the Darkness. Her friend Brian follows. Does he mean to help or hinder her? Can Miranda stop the Darkness and save Mystica, and if so at what cost?


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