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Excerpt: Above the Flames by Cassandra Fear with Giveaway

The Flames Trilogy, Book 1 
by Cassandra Fear 

Limitless Publishing
YA Paranormal
396 pages

Jasmine’s sixteenth birthday was the worst ever…
All in one day, her dad died, she met a demon, and her mother rejected her existence forever. After all, the demon who killed her dad was there to take her, and all because of her stupid powers—the ability to conjure blue flames.

Two years later, she’s happy. But happy never lasts…
After moving to Idaho to live with her grandparents, Jasmine has a new life. Almost nobody knows about her powers, and she’s just a normal teenager with normal problems. Then comes her eighteenth birthday—and the earthquake that changes her world forever.

An army of demons rise from Hell. And Jasmine is right in the middle of the battle…
When demons claw their way to Earth, Jasmine is surrounded by hundreds of fire-eyed beasts. Worse, she is captured by a big-shot demon named Bael. He’s a tricky foe with a chip on his shoulder—and the desire to make Jasmine use her powers for evil.

Amon is a fallen angel with an attitude—and everything to lose.
Successfully escaping the underworld undetected, Amon is on a quest to regain God’s grace when he rescues Jasmine from the clutches of a particularly nasty demon he knows all too well. The attraction between him and the not-entirely-human captive is instantaneous. Heavenly sparks fly, but ideas of romance will have to wait. First they have to stop the demon race from wiping out the mortal realm. Humanity’s fate rests in their hands.

Can two troubled angels rise above the flames to ensure a future for mankind? Or will Jasmine and Amon’s souls be bound together—in hell?


Amon grabbed Jasmine’s hand and pulled her to a stop right before they went inside. “Remember, control your power, but don’t hold back. If you are in trouble, use your fire to kill the demons. Do not hesitate.”
Jasmine nodded. “I won’t. Don’t worry about me.”
Amon ran his hand up her arm. “For some reason, I do.” He let his hand fall away, and they faced forward. It seemed like they both took a deep breath at the same time, let it out, and stepped through the sliding doors. Yet another thing that was very different from his own time.
Once inside, he gagged at the thick coppery smell. Blood covered everything. The floor. The walls. Even the high ceiling. Shelves of food were painted red, the boxes and bags of edibles not even recognizable as such.
Amon took a step forward and almost slipped on a bloody streak across the floor. He followed the trail with his eyes, which led to a heap of bodies piled so high they almost touched the ceiling. It was a slaughterhouse. The cattle had been killed, all of them.
“Oh my God.” Jasmine breathed the words. Her face had gone pale and her mouth had dropped open.
“Oh goody!” a high-pitched voice said. “We’ve got visitors. Do tell me, how do you like the view? I think it could use a bit more color, don’t you?”
Amon spun around, his eyes searching for the powerful demon. “Where are you, Bael? Show yourself!”
“Oh, now that wouldn’t be much fun. How about you come and find me?” A long, drawn out laugh. “Best watch out, though. My demons aren’t as happy to see you as I am.”
The sound of footsteps pounded the ground. “We have to get out of here. It’s a trap,” Amon said as he grabbed Jasmine and pulled her back the way they came. She stumbled, but he held her up, dragging her along the pavement.
“We’re never going to make it,” she said.
He knew she was right. The demons were right on his tail. He stopped, realizing escape was futile. “Keep going. Get out of here. Bael wants you more than me, so go!”
“I won’t leave you behind.”
“You will leave me behind. I told you to go.”
“I don’t care. You aren’t my boss. Two people have a better chance than one.”
Amon braced her shoulders, making her face him. “Don’t you get it? We have no chance. If you don’t go, you will die right beside me.”

And here she is. . .

Cassandra Fear lives in Ohio with her husband, two kids and two dogs. Hiking, taking care of her fish tank and reading are her favorite hobbies. She loves chocolate, hates driving in the snow and could eat macaroni and cheese every day. In her spare time, she loves to write, and has always dreamed of becoming an author. Her dreams will become reality with her first book, Above the Flames.

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