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Review: Bound by Vengence by Donnielle Tyner

The Caelian Cycle, Book 2
by Donnielle Tyner
YA Paranormal
197 pages

Bound by Vengeance. Sadie has found the resolve to fight the man who caused so much pain in her life. Her tentative alliance with the HCA underground gives her the resources to train both her body and Talent for when she comes face to face with her grandfather. 
Bound by Loss. Being separated from her friends at St Vincent’s is harder than she could have ever realized and it doesn’t help that Kian has withdrawn from her as well. With help from a new friend, Sadie uncovers more about her past and that someone close to her has been keeping secrets from Sadie her entire life. 
Bound by Fear. Tragedy strikes close to home, giving a longstanding enemy, one desperate and willing to do anything to have Sadie on their side, an opportunity to arise. Allies and friends come together to stand against evil, but at a terrible cost. Sadie’s history and future collide while the world is thrown into chaos.
Sadie must overcome or forever be Bound.

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After reading the first book in the series (and enjoying it), I was looking forward to see where Sadie would be heading next.

We find Sadie there where we left her, in safety while she heals from the last events of book one. Not only has she suffered physical scars, but it's really nice to see that she's left with emotional ones as well--deep ones. The new sense of hate and distrust to her personality made her a little less endearing, but it gave her a more realistic personality. She's a heroine who survived but not untouched. I appreciate how the author worked this in so well.

The plot itself is slower than in the first book, giving more time to dive into Sadie's thoughts and emotions. Often times, I'm not a big fan of paces switching this heavily, but in this case, it fits the story perfectly. Sadie is healing and developing. And no, it's not a boring process.

It's refreshing to watch her friendship ring grow and get a good grip on some of the other characters. More time is spent on getting to know some of their stories and personalities better, which definitely adds more depth than before. I enjoyed learning to know more about those around her, although some of the dialogue, exchanges and reactions didn't feel as natural as they could have.

Sadie's predicament, her history and the building interest in her abilities weaves into a more layered and dangerous story. The action itself doesn't start until the later part of the book, but that didn't hurt the tension. Everyone wants a Sadie...all sides...and each has it's own agenda. The intrigue and unknown truths behind the 'evil' characters involved thickens, creating a richer underplay for Sadie's predicament.

In general, this is an enjoyable read which kept me in the story the entire way through. There were a few small moments which felt a little forced, not clear or out of pace, but it wasn't enough to pull me completely out of Sadie's story.

Summed up, this is a nice continuation to book one, which not only allows the plot to thicken but adds a nice level of depth to help one learn to love the characters even more than before.

And here she is. . .


Hello! Donnielle here, obviously. I really don't like talking about myself, so lets get this party started. I spend most of my free time writing, but when I’m not writing, I spend my time reading, binge watching Netflix, homeschooling my two children, and hanging out with my husband.
A few fun facts about me:
1.       I began writing when I was in junior high. A teacher approached me with a poetry book and I fell in love. Writing poetry has helped me express myself through some of the darkest times in my life.
2.       I am always reading something and own hundreds of eBooks. I thank the technology gods for the invention of e-readers. Series are my favorite. I love it when I feel like I cannot stop reading a book. My favorite genre is sci-fi and paranormal.
3.       I am a HUGE nerd and enjoy every medium of nerdom from comic books to Magic! The Gathering.
4.       I am a serious introvert and need plenty of alone time so I don’t go insane. Seriously! I will cut someone if they cut in to my “me” time.
5.       I have a passion for holistic medicine and create many of my own household products. My kids and husband will ask for some “oils” when they aren’t feeling well. I love growing herbs to make my own blends of herbal tea.
6.       I read YA almost exclusively. There is just something about it that calls to my heart above other genres.
7.       When I read paranormal it’s either about shifters or faeries.
8.       Writing has always been a passion and a dream. I had many jobs and they never fulfilled me the way writing has. 

Donnielle Tyner
Author of 'Lost & Bound, of The Caelian Cycle'

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