Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Wizard Pickles by Chuck Whelon

A Brain-Bending Adventure!
by Chuck Whelon
Planet UrF Entertainment
Children Puzzle Book
ages 4+ 
28 pages

Aunt Wilma's lost her magic wand! Now it's up YOU to help young Mazie Pickles track it down, before the pesky critters who stole it cause any more mischief!

On your quest, you'll travel through a mysterious forest, visit a castle, escape a dungeon, and even ride a dragon. Yes, you'll get into all kinds of crazy pickles as you explore every inch of this richly-detailed, comic fantasy world.

Wizard Pickles contains a multitude of perplexing problems for all ages, from simple search and find activities to muddling mazes, cryptic codes, and complex logic problems that will keep you baffled for many hours of puzzling fun!!!


Awesome. Yep, that describes this book.

As a kid, I loved puzzle books, especially ones with fantasy, tons of details and a touch of craziness. This book has all of those things. And let's not forget the illustrations because they are wonderful. There's so much detail and all sorts of little things thrown in, making sure that one discovers something new every time they go through the pages. The puzzles themselves vary enough in difficulty to insure that a kid will have some success, while others won't get bored. 

I let my son and daughter (10 and 8) go through this, and they both adored it. Not only did they find the puzzles fun, but they enjoyed fingering through the illustrations and pointing different things out to each other. This is definitely one that my son will be placing next to his bed so he can take a peek before dozing off to sleep at night.

This is a book I can whole heartedly recommend. Between the fun puzzles and the very imaginative illustrations, kids (especially reluctant readers and knowledge buddies) will enjoy diving into this and be sucked into every page.

I received a free copy for an honest review.

Chuck Whelon has written a bunch of fun books, including a Write Your Own Comic series as well as a What to Doodle. All of them worth a peek!

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