Monday, November 9, 2015

Review: Mama's Heart Fits Two by Denise Carkhuff

by Denise Carkhuff
Greenleaf Book Group Press
32 pages
ages 2+

Mama's Heart Fits Two is a delightful picture book that explores the special sharing issues inherent with twins. Twins must share their parents from day one and often feel insecure as a result. This book takes the reader/listener through various situations where Eva and Gia, fraternal twins, fight over their mother while struggling with the issue of sharing. In the end, Eva and Gia learn that a mother's love is infinite and unconditional. Mama's heart indeed fits two.


This was such a sweet looking book that I had to take a peek inside. It concerns a pair of twins, and how they handle having to split their mother's love equally. The story is told over a length of time, indicating how old the two are when the dispute for mother's attention arises. 

The illustrations are adorable, reminding me a bit of the 'Love Is. . .' ones from years ago. They support the text, letting young listeners understand what is happening by seeing exactly how the twins deal with each other. I don't think young listeners will have any trouble understanding the meaning presented in the book and will easily sympathize with the situations.

The writing itself is well done--really easy to follow with just enough for listeners to know what is going on. Kids will have no trouble realizing the twin's problem, and understanding the message inside. I was a little surprised that this 'dispute' went on for several years according to the book and see how it could lead readers to think that the twins were incapable of sharing their mother until they reached a certain age (made it seem like they were fighting a long time). But otherwise, the message is a good one and one twins will love to hear.

I can recommend this to listeners ages 18 months and up, and believe twins will especially sympathize with the characters and the message. At the end, it's warm fuzzy feelings and lots of love for all involved.

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