Sunday, November 13, 2022

Today's read... Pucky, Prince of Bacon by Georgia Dunn

I was SO close to marking this one as a Mommy and Daddy Day post, but it works for kids just as well...and well, adding all of that to the title would have made it much too long. Today's read is all about cats and humor and getting inside their heads. This one throws a pair of new parents and their baby to the mix. We could all use a nice dose of laughter, so I was curious if this one would be as funny as I thought it might be. (And yep, this is my first encounter with this wonderful bunch of cats)

It hits the world in about 10 days, so if you're a cat humor lover, you don't have to wait long.

A Breaking Cat News Adventure
by Georgia Dunn
Andrews McMeel Press
Graphic Novel, Humor
208 pages

NOVEMBER 22nd!!!

This just in!  The adorable feline reporters at Breaking Cat News are back with an all-new sixth comic collection!

The cats of BCN are back and have they got news for you! When Elvis goes missing it’s Tommy to the rescue—but just who is rescuing whom? Stayed tuned for relaxing light baths, an intruder on the couch, adventures in laundry, Operation: Second Breakfast, an invisible cat, a new wrestler entering the ring, baby pictures of Elvis, dangerous spiders, packing peanuts galore and more!  ...And what about that rumored battle with the vacuum cleaner?

Don’t forget to check out the “More to Explore” section, with pictures you can color!

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Smiles, snorts and laughs...along with a few, thoughtful sighs...are guaranteed thanks to this feline newscast and their very-close-to-home coverage.

This book follows the beloved BCN gang and allows Pucky to stand on center stage. Of course, it's not just about this wonderful cat, but the entire crew is ready to bring across every bit of breaking news, which hits their family's lives. And these are so familiar that it hits home in all the most sweet and funny ways.

Cat fans will love the antics of these pets and shake their heads and the very odd, yet familiar situations they discover of find themselves in. Parents will have no problem feeling for the human family as they deal with the events of daily life and all the unexpected moments having a baby adds to the mix. Even young readers will find the quirky and ridiculous experiences silly and wish they had such a cat report team in their own house. So this read offers silliness and humor on many different levels and for quite a large crowd.

The illustrations are spot on. Since this is my first time running across this bunch, I was surprised at the original style, but it very quickly won me over. There's such a playful atmosphere, which allows the fantasy to flow in with cartoon appeal...which is great since these jokes slide very tight with reality, otherwise. It adds the right separation to let the reader experience the entire thing with a fun distance and laugh at situations. 

As an extra bonus, there are several pages at the end, which invite readers to color the characters themselves. In other words, there is ton to love in these pages.

And here she is...

In addition to being a syndicated cartoonist, Georgia Dunn is also a children’s and fantasy/sci-fi illustrator.  She sells her watercolor and ink illustrations on Etsy and to educational magazines and independent publications

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