Monday, November 21, 2022

Happy Book Birthday... Yetis Are The Worst! by Alex Willan

 I'm screaming this birthday out a day early (it actually appears on the shelves tomorrow), but birthdays  are so amazing that they deserve the extra special attention. This is the third book in a series, which began with Unicorns Are The Worst!, and I've been following the series ever since. Which is quite remarkable, since I usually am too all over the place to do that. This has been a cute and silly series so far, and I don't expect this newest addition to be any different.

by Alex Willan
Simon & Schuster
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 3 to 5


In this hilarious follow-up to Unicorns Are the Worst! and Dragons Are the Worst!, Gilbert the Goblin’s next adventure takes him to the frozen tundra where he’s determined to find the legendary yeti.

Gilbert the Goblin is the first to admit that he was, ahem, mistaken—unicorns actually throw the best tea parties, and dragons make delicious ice cream soup. This time, though, he can absolutely confirm that YETIS ARE THE WORST!

Sure, they may seem cool and mysterious, but once you meet one, he’s CERTAIN they’re not all they’re cracked up to be! And that’s what Gilbert plans to do: meet a yeti. That is, if he can find one…but how hard can that be?



 These pages prove how sneaky, giggle-worthy, and determined a yeti hunt can be. 

Gilbert the Goblin is at it again, trying to prove to the reader that yetis aren't nearly as mysterious as people make them out to be. Wielding a polaroid camera, he marches off through mountains and snow. Of course, it doesn't quite work out the way he hopes it will.

This is the third book in a series, each which stands perfectly well on its own. Gilbert is his usual, concerned self and is out to prove that another mystical creatures, this time yetis, aren't nearly as awesome as people make them out to, in other words, his envy shines through in an, actually, very subtle manner. Readers will pick up on it and realize he's being ridiculous, but it's most definitely the humor that drives this read. And quiet yetis.

The illustrations carry the humor, while the text lets Gilbert's more serious thoughts, flow. Each scene will have listeners giggling as the yetis appear. The illustrations are cheerful, oh-so-snowy, and make the yetis and Gilbert very approachable. 

The other books in the series carry much the same scheme as this new one, but it's still a lot of fun to explore the various mythical creatures from the simple humor end as it pokes a bit of fun at the stories surrounding each one. Plus, Gilbert's jealousy makes it interesting to see what he'll try next...and how it always ends. 

I do see this one as a very fun read-aloud in a group setting and for smaller book cuddling as well.

And here he is...

If it was Alex Willan, and not Gilbert the Goblin, who was in charge of writing the stories, he’d make a book called Anchovies are the Worst!. Alex is the author-illustrator of Unicorns are the Worst!Dragons are the Worst!Yetis are the Worst!, and the Jasper & Ollie series, as well as the illustrator of Got Your Nose, written by Alan Katz. Alex lives in Chicago with his dog, Harley, who is the absolute best. Visit him online at

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