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Review: The Little Regenerative Farmer by Lauren Lovejoy

Many of you will probably already know that my family runs a small farm. So, today's read grazes right down my...ummm...pasture? Plus, I love the little girl's cheeks on the cover as well as the fun animals. 

I'm just going to dive right in, so let's go! 

by Lauren Lovejoy
Illustrated by Yana Gorbatiyk
Picture Book
42 pages
ages 4 to 8

The story of one little girl's journey from falling in love with farm animals to starting her own backyard farm using Regenerative Agriculture techniques. This book is a perfect story of overcoming challenges to do what you love while helping improve the world. A must have for those who love the planet and support the regenerative agriculture movement!



This super cute girl's enthusiasm for animals and gardening is more than just a little contagious.

Lina's parents take her to visit a farm, and she immediately knows her biggest dream—to have one too! Her parents aren't quite on board with that. Still, she convinces them to allow her to have a few chickens...which doesn't run without problems, at first. But Lina's determination and desire to share with others might solve more problems than she's aware of.

First off, I adore the eyes on the chickens in these illustrations (important, right?). The illustrations are well done, adding just a pinch of whimsical to the more detailed scenes. Each animal is easy to identify, and Lina is simple cute with her big eyes and rosy cheeks. The love for nature and enthusiasm for farming is obvious on each page.

The story is just right for the intended age group and does make a nice read-aloud. It follows Lina build her 'farm' from beginning thoughts and through major problems, keeping it interesting and light the entire time. The read flows well, although it could use with a pinch more editing...but this doesn't overshadow the main aspects.

Farming is key, and this book shows how even a backyard can turn into a tiny food supplier. There's also a bit of neighborly friendliness, and demonstrates what hard work and a great attitude can achieve. It's sweet, inspiring, and a nice addition to groups or individuals who want to maybe explore the farming/gardening theme as a project, too. There are a few bits of information surrounding regenerative farming at the end of the book.

As a bonus, there is an accompanying coloring book available. This not only provides scenes for coloring but does give some information as well (very basic earthworm anatomy, basic explanation of agroforestry, rotational grazing, etc). These hit very briefly and lightly on each topic, and even these can be expanded and used in a larger project or theme.

Get as a bundle with a coloring book...  HERE!

Why the book was written?

We believe that regenerative farming is one of the most wonderful things you can do for the planet, your community, and nutritional health. We want kids to learn about where food comes from while empowering them to be the next generation of land stewards.

We are first generation farmers. Our farm is open to guests who want to visit and learn about farming. We have seen lots of young visitors excited about a future life in farming only to be deflated when they are reminded by the older generation "how hard farming is."

We hope this book will inspire and encourage potential farmers of all ages to pursue their interest in farming. Because yes, farming is hard - but it is also magical, fulfilling, and worthwhile beyond measure. The Little Regenerative Farmer exists to tell that story.

More about...

Regenerative Farmers of America is run by Lauren Lovejoy & Eric Conrad. First gen Regenerative Farmers in Virginia who are passionate about supporting grassroots farmers working to change the world.

“We had no intention of becoming farmers, but when we learned about the Regenerative Ag movement we jumped in with both feet. We love this movement and want everyone to know what Regen Ag is and how they can help! We are so excited to elevate other farms like ours working hard to do their best for their communities, customers, and the world.”

Lauren & Eric have a farm called “The Blue Horn” outside Blacksburg, VA. Stay at their Airbnb to experience their farm or visit their website to learn more!

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