Saturday, October 31, 2020

What's Coming in November?

 With the chilling temperatures slowly moving in, it's reading and writing time in our household. Luckily, I have a big stack of books waiting to be reviewed. And what a pile it is! Unlike last month's darker theme, this month is really a mix-and-mash-all-over-the-place-toss-up. In other words, it's a chaotic, gombobbled, genre and audience explosion. I've got mystery, science fiction, humor, diverse books, emotional, magical, dark...picture books, board books, young adult books, middle grade books...a little of almost everything. Here's a small peek!


This one screams 'snuggle in the chair with me and read me a book', doesn't it? I can't wait to see the illustrations, and I have no doubt this one radiates with warm, loving feelings...perfect for bedtime reads, too. I'll be sharing my thoughts on the 5th.

Picture Book


Advertised as a Stranger Things meets The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, I'm expecting a bit spooky with tons of mystery and a touch of magic? Science fiction? Who knows! I simply love the idea of mutant mushrooms and am curious to see where this one will lead. I'll be telling you all about it on the 6th.

Middle Grade Mystery


This takes a mouse's view on the historical voyage of the Mayflower. With Thanksgiving heading in at the end of the month, I thought this one would be a nice addition to my list. And I just happen to love mice...well, not real life ones, which sneak up on me. But this one appears to be super cute! I'll let you take a glimpse on the 10th.

Children's Historical Fiction


I enjoyed the first book in this series and can't wait to see what the second one has in store. It's such an odd pair! The illustrations in the first one were great as well as the tale. So, I'm expecting just as much from this one. You'll see if it's all I hoped on the 16th.

Picture Book


Ready for a unique twist on an old fairy tale? By taking a peek at the thin line between internet and reality, this one follows a teen boy as he masks himself with a fake identity on a dating service and runs smack dab into a girl stuck in an asylum. The mix sounds intriguing, and I'm curious where it will go. It's release date is December 1st, but I'm sharing my thoughts on the 17th.

Young Adult Fairy Tale retelling


Taking off from the award winning book, Amina's Voice, this second one follows her vacation in Pakistan, and her return to the U.S. It promises to be rich in culture and also hits on how a foreigner deals with misinformation and incorrect assumptions when they return to a classroom here in the US. Since my own kids have gone through this, I'm curious to see what the author does. You can see my opinion on the 18th.
Middle Grade Contemporary


Mountains, deadly secrets, unexplained deaths, and strange legends...this sounds like something right down my lane. I believe it swings in the direction of vampires, but I'll have to wait until I read it to know for sure. You can discover how dark this one gets on the 27th.

Young Adult Paranormal


The moment I saw this one, I knew I had to dive in. The title is something my kids (and I as a kid) said too. Add the crown...and the fact, that I actually like oatmeal now...and yes, this one grabbed my attention. If it's one to buy and read to your own kids? Find out on the 28th.

Picture Book

I have 24 to 26 reviews planned this month! I wish I could show you every single one right now (I always say that, but it's true...I would scream every title to the world if I could.) Think spies, silliness, Vietnam, meaningful moments, cajun spice, magic, birds, snow, warlocks...and...well, there's still tons more. In other words, it's going to be a wonderful month in this reading world!

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