Saturday, October 24, 2020

Review: I'm Feeling School Bus Yellow! by Tina Gallo

by Tina Gallo
Illustrated by Clair Rossiter
Simon Spotlight
Board Book
14 pages
ages 2-5

Celebrate the back-to-school season with fantastic Crayola colors in this adorable board book that’s shaped like a school bus with foil on the cover!

Kids are sure to love going back to school with this fun shaped board book! From a scarlet lunchbox to macaroni and cheese–colored pencils to a blue violet brand-new backpack, there is so much to be excited for with the start of a new school year!

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The inventive names Crayola uses for their crayons come to life as the school day goes rumbling joyfully by.

If you're like me and my kids, it is fun to read the names of the colors printed on Crayola crayons. They can be pretty inventive. In this little board book, several of these colors take the spotlight. By accompanying a 'crayon' on a usual day at school, several colors are presented while the good points of a day at school are highlighted.

This is a sturdy board book, which takes the cute form of a bus. A yellow school bus, of course. The crayon colors which will appear in the book are already shown doing all sorts of antics in each of the bus' windows. Personality and quirks are definitely there, and it does add a lot of fun to the tale. The book covers two things at once—showing what a pretty average day of school looks like and learning colors. So, from the end, it's something well directed toward little ones, who are facing their first days of school. 

For a board book, there's quite a bit of text on the pages. At first, I wasn't sure that was a good thing, but the text isn't difficult and does fit the understanding level of the intended age group. Some words are a little more difficult, but since this is a read-aloud, introducing a few new words is a good thing in my book (no pun intended). It not only introduces each color and a moment in the school day, but adds a couple more details which address the listener directly like favorite foods and games that most will recognize. Each page ends with a question directed toward the listener, asking for their opinion on things like favorite colors and what makes them feel happy.

One thing which makes me take pause in these pages is the presentation of the colors. Firstly, by introducing Crayola's names, it does run a little on the wayside of basic color learning. For example, Jungle Green isn't a pure green...but does this make a difference? Maybe. Maybe not. Also, there are quite a few intentions held in these pages between learning Crayola's colors, seeing the schedule of a usual day at school, and talking about emotions. It feels busy. But then, it can be used to address several themes, depending on where the main reader wants to take it. 

All in all, it's a fun book which heads in several directions without growing confusing. Friends of coloring, who recognize Crayola's colors, will especially enjoy this one.

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