Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lily, the Brave by Katherine Hodges

Lily, the Brave
The Lily Series # 1
By Katherine Hodges
Young Adult
Urban Fiction

Seventeen year old Lily Harrison is given an incredible gift. She doesn’t really want it, but she’s stuck with it. Lily’s best friend convinces her it can be used for the good of mankind, but it only seems to bring her trouble and put everyone around her in danger. Her life was already hard enough after the accident. How can she possibly deal with being a superhero too? One thing is for sure, her life will never be the same again.

“That’s only the beginning, Lily. Just imagine having the ability to stop a terrorist in their tracks. If we could get you close enough, you could hear the exact plans of someone who might want to bomb a building, or murder someone. It could be any number of situations, but the point is that you would be saving lives. People who would have died or been seriously injured would be alive because of you. Can you see how amazing this is? How amazing your gift is? This could change the world. You could change the world.” She had never seen her ability in that light before. She had never dreamed any good could come of it, but Mr. Turner seemed to see her gift in an entirely different way than she did. He made it sound like she was a super hero sent to save the world. Lily was still guarded and hesitant to trust this man, but she couldn’t help feeling like maybe he was right.


About the Author-
Katherine Hodges is an author, reader, traveler, knitter, web-surfer, crafter, and lover of all things chocolate. She lives in Texas with her husband and their two boys.


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