Monday, April 20, 2015

Cindercast by Michael Blackbourn

by Michael Blackbourn
Middle Grade Fantasy
164 pages

For Ollie, a tiny quarter-inch tall Seelie, surviving the stormy sea is only the beginning. The ten-year-old finds herself lost on an unfamiliar shore littered with strange artifacts. With a brave crab as an ally against the monstrous beach creatures, Ollie must race the rising tide to find her way home.


This is a lovely tale about a young Seelie and her attempts to find her way back home. Ollie is a sweet girl, who's gotten herself in a bit of a pickle. She's landed on a shore (where she shouldn't be) and from the first page on, must battle for her life. The adventures come at her, one right after the other, and if it weren't for her true friend the crab, things probably would take a turn for the worse. I did have a little bit of a problem finding foot in the first few pages, but after that, I was totally captivated by the small Seelie and her quest to find her way home. And what a quest it is!

There's a wonderful taste of trust and friendship, perfect for kids ages 8 and up. The language and plot are well done and remain in a realm of fantasy very fitting for this age group. I found the story refreshing, a nice change from the normal fantasy which floods the current market.

Not only will children love the story itself, but information and terms which might be unfamiliar to readers are dabbed in, adding a nice touch of extra knowledge. I especially enjoyed the beautiful illustrations, and only wish there were a few more. . .simply because they were so nice.

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And here he is. . .

Michael Blackbourn, an ex-paratrooper and feature-film visual effects artist has now turned his creative energy to children's books. The worlds he creates are meant to spark a sense of adventure in his readers. He does this by bringing stories told from unique perspectives together with detailed illustrations.

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