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Review: The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats by Amy Linnabary

Save The Bats
by Amy Linnabary
Illustrated by Amber Stotts
Middle Grade Adventure
166 pages

Stuck in the city with houses too close together, eleven-year-old Will thinks that all of his adventures are over. That all changes the day his grandpa gives him a magical pocket watch with the one stipulation, the magic only works if he includes his two obnoxious younger brothers. Much to Will's surprise, the watch begins to glow and the brothers find themselves transformed into bats. Now they must survive on bugs, learn to fly, and help the other bats, who are in danger of losing their home, if they ever hope to return to their own.


Reminding of the Magical Tree House series, this book follows three brothers into a magical adventure where working together is key.

Will hates the idea of moving, and his two little brothers aren't helping matters. When his Grandpa gives him a watch and claims that it's able to take the three brothers to another place, Will's sure his Grandpa's just trying to make him feel better. But when the watch starts to glow, he realizes that magic might not be a fairy tale after all.

The three brothers in this story are as different as different can be, and in the first chapters, this causes all sorts of frustrations. It's easy to sympathize with the oldest, Will, as he not only has to deal with his brothers stupidities, but also with a move, he definitely doesn't want to make. Kids will feel for him as he tries to convince his parents to let him stay where he is, but they refuse to listen.

The brotherly relationships come across very natural and true to life. They wrestle, they irritate, but they still are there for each other. And that's what counts.

During the first half of the book, the concentration falls on Will and his troubles, which allows readers to get to know the brothers well and feel for them. First then, does the more adventurous side unfold, which gives the plot a slightly more serious tone (not adventure pure). When the brothers finally do use the watch, the switch comes across even magical. It's a smooth transition, which is easy to settle into and get wrapped up in. Not only adventure and brotherly bonds are emphasized in this book, but the reader also learns more about bats.

Especially boys will enjoy this tale, and at 166 pages, it's great for reluctant readers as well.

And here she is. . .

I have been writing seriously since 2013, but have always had an array of stories in my mind and a
drawer full of dusty drafts. I have worked and edited and edited and edited. . . and am excited to share the fruits of my labor with the world. I live in the Twin Cities (MN) with my husband, 4 adventurous boys, a baby girl due in May 2017, and a ferocious cat (seriously, he can kill birds.)
Currently, I am working on an early middle grade chapter book series called The Adventure Brothers. The first book, The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats, was released in 2016. I am editing the second in the series called The Adventure Brothers: Free the Dolphin. I am working on the third, The Adventure Brothers: Hatch the Penguin. I have also started a YA Contemporary Fairytale Retelling series called The Fairytale Prophecies. I've finished book one, Cinder Heart and am working on book two, Fairest One.

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