Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Potty and Lottie by Ksenia Walker

Rhyming Potty Book
by Ksenia Walker
Picture Book
ages 1 to 4 
36 pages

Learning to go to the toilet is an important stage in a child’s life. Every parent hopes that their child will learn to use the potty as quickly as possible. This brightly illustrated rhyming story will help you achieve this. Using the example of Lottie, the story demonstrates the benefits of using the potty. The rhyming text and bright illustrations make the experience of reading more appealing. The book is aimed at children aged 1-4 years old.


With very simple rhymes, this tale encourages children while addressing some of their uncertainties of leaving a diaper.

Lottie's parents want her to use a potty and get out of her diaper stage, but she isn't quite so sure.

Lottie is a very average girl, who stands before a change in life that all kids face - diapers adieu! But it's not that easy to leave something that's been part of the child's life behind. This is a calm tale of a gentle transition from diapers to toilet. Lottie's thoughts are understandable and simple enough for children in her age group to understand. The rhyming is a bit simple and doesn't flow well at times, but the wording is easy enough for the young listeners to understand.

The characters in this book are diverse, reaching a larger scope of kids. And the drawings depict the basics in colorful ways. Children will have no trouble grasping the ideas and maybe feel a little more comfortable facing this change in their own lives.

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