Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Frankie DuPont and the Science Fair Sabotoge by Julie Grasso

Frankie DuPont Mysteries Book 3
by Julie Grasso
Middle Grade Mystery
134 pages 
ages 8+

Frankie Dupont is less than impressed when he has to attend the Sustainable Science Fair with Kat and Amy. Upon his arrival, he learns that Amy's brothers have had their robotics chip stolen. 

Keen to recover the chip, Frankie questions the kids in the competition, but everyone seems to have a motive. 
When baffling clues start rolling in via “Snap-Goss” instant messages, Frankie realises it will take all of his detective muscles to solve this case. 


This is the 3rd book in Frankie's series and so far, my favorite. The author does a great job taking a mystery and mixing it with the most delicious fantastical ideas, making it a perfect journey for kids. We start out with Frankie, a young detective, who isn't totally excited to go with his friends to the science fair.

The fair itself is amazing. The most ingenious ideas come to life, and this is where kids will dive in and let their own fantasies soar. Let's just say that inventions no know limits.

Obviously, there's a mystery involved, and this time, it's a hard one. Unlike the other books, Frankie finds himself surrounded by suspects, all of which could possible have a motive. This wasn't an easy mystery to figure out and kids will love trying to follow the clues. Not only that, but there are several messages hidden in the pages. Friendship, acceptance, and dealing with competition. But these are well woven into the story, and not slapped in the reader's face. . .something I appreciate.

Like the other books in this series, this is a story written and aimed at kids. The fantasy, thoughts and plot are laid out with lots of love just for this age group, and I think kids will enjoy this completely.

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